Friday, March 09, 2007

The Case of the New Magnetic Wonder

A mysterious yet catchy tune was playing. Determined to track it to its source, I discovered that Watley had once again been using my CD player without my permission. Or possibly it was someone else. I can't be bothered to figure these things out.

A carelessly discarded CD jacket revealed the name of the tunesmiths, as well as the title of their eponymous album, respectively "The Apples in Stereo" and "New Magnetic Wonder".

I have resolved this case by declaring the first track, "Can You Feel It?", to be the feel-good pop song of 2007.

Watley wishes me to add that "The vocoder hasn't been used so creatively in pop production since the heyday of Peter Frampton". Watley's a fool. Everyone knows that Frampton used a TalkBox.